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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group



Lot Number
Use this service to obtain a downloadable copy of the certificate of conformance for Watson-Marlow sanitary tubing, sanitary tubing elements and Flexicon products. This includes tubing coils, reels, LoadSure™ elements,'Y' elements, Pumpsil™ tubing, Accusil™ tubing and asepticsu™ sterile single-use fluid paths.

The certificate is a pdf copy of the paper certificate included with the product.

You will find the lot number on the tubing itself (Pumpsil and Accusil tubing) or the label on the plastic bag containing the product, or the outer box label. For sanitary tubing elements, you will find the lot number on the connector or on the packaging label.

If you cannot locate your lot number or need further assistance please contact your local customer service department.